Prog-Studio 9.5

A comprehensive and very productive micro-controller development environment
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Prog-Studio is a modern, comprehensive, and very productive micro-controller development environment for industry standard 8051 (MCS-51) microcontroller architecture chips.
- Project Manager: Central Project Management and Multi-Processor Systems.
- Powerful Source Code Editor: Program more efficiently.
- Integrated Documentation Editor: Documentation “up to date”.
- Watchlists: Runtime variables under the developers control.
- Edit & Continue: For an increase in debugging efficiency that is unheard of.
- Makroassembler: For higher-performing programs.
- Monitoring: Full control of time and sequential outputs.
- Additional Information: Efficient help during programming.
- Hex-Editor: Comprehensive functions that leave nothing to be desired.
- Label-List: Find the desired label with one click.
- Error Reports: Detailed error messages help during the development process.
- Search and Replace: Including wildcards and normal expressions.
- State-of-the-Art IDE: Flexible window settings that leave nothing to be desired.

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